Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 8--Post 3

Have about one hour and 40 minutes before I get off work!  Looking forward to going home and playing with Niki.

Don't know what my man is planning for dinner.  I guess I'll have to be surprised when I get home. 

Tomorrow I work all day again.  I've got to pay some bills. Bleh.  Luckily most of them I can pay online.  At least paying them online makes my life a bit easier!  I may actually put in the other ones too so I can just pay all online.  We'll see.  I also am glad that I have direct deposit!  Love that.  I am so for anything which makes my life a little easier!

Still anticipating receiving some of my swaps--looks like I may have to have one person resend.  It was marked as sent on July 24 and here it is almost two weeks later and I still haven't gotten it yet.  I'm also looking forward to receiving some of the free samples I am expecting in the mail too!  Again--love things which make my life easier.  Getting free stuff is good! 

Taking a break from working on one of my swaps.  Have til the end of the month to get this one done and in the mail.  Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for two of the swaps I am hosting.  I'll assign partners first thing on Saturday morning.  Looks like both of them are getting a great response.

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