Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 10--Post 4

Looking forward to going home and having tomorrow off!  Hoping that I'm able to sleep in!  It'll depend a lot on what Niki wants and when she wants it!

Wondering whats going to be for dinner tonight.  My stomach is still kind of wonky.  I have no idea as to why.  I may or may not eat much tonight.  We'll see.

Finished off my book I was reading.  Started the letter I have to write.  Just have to get the postage for my two outgoing swaps, but I can do that on Monday morning before I head into work.  Hoping that my two swaps I sent out last week have gotten to their destinations safely.  I'll inquire into them tomorrow or on Monday. 

Definately time to get another book or two!  :)

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