Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 10--Post 2

Some people just need to get the hint and either get over themselves or get out of my life.  There is this one guy who wants me to be his little subbie bitch.  I've told him repeatedly that I don't like him that way but he still doesn't get it.  I've never given him any hint of me being that way either.  I've never been into the whole BDSM--D/s lifestyle.  I have nothing against that way of life, but it's not MY way of life. GET OVER IT already!  I don't want you that way!  I'm nobody's little slave/subbie.  Why don't you get it already!  Some people think that everyone else is on this planet just for their entertainment.  Get over yourself and get out of my life already!!!  The nerve of some people!

If being a bitch means taking no shit, being true to myself, being truthful, brutally honest, not changing for anybody but myself, not giving a shit what others think about me, not backing down; then I'm a bitch. 

Contemplating lunch.  I have food here at work, but I don't know if I want that or if I want something else today. 

Snacking on some ice cream for now.  Did some reading, but didn't get all that far.  Same with some of the writing I was trying to do.  I just couldn't seem to focus at all.

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